이동식 ESD(정전기 방전) 선반카트
정전기 방전기능 재질로 제작된 혁신적인 이동시스템
  • 방전기능의 논마킹 바퀴
  • 일반 바닥 접지 커넥터
  • 간편한 유지보수 및 소음없는 작업을 가능케 해주는 완벽한 설계


Ergonomic shelf design that can be pitched from 0-45 degrees, depending on the application. Ideal for kitting operations, handling WIP, or gravity feed. Accommodates two Metro TB93000 Series Totes. Select posts and number of standard shelves (Cat. No. Q2442C) required, combine with adjustable slanted shelves to build your own custom cart.

ESD Classification: Conductive with the use of a grounding cable, Cat. No. ASK16S or ASKCR, or conductive casters.


Max Q ESD storage and transport shelving is a flexible, productivity-based
electronics production handling system. Optional accessories also provide the ability
to configure units to a number of exacting requirements.

  • ESD construction along with the protection of cushioned polymer shelf surfaces.
  • Unique corner design allows you to assemble and reposition shelves easily, without

the need for tools.

ESD Classification: Conductive with the use of ASK16S or ASKCR grounding cable
and / or conductive casters.

ASKCR/ESD CABLE1                                                      ASK16S/  ESD CABLE2

Provides an effective method of electrostatic discharge for any Super Erecta & MaxQ ESD unit (stationary or mobile) when used in conjunction with aluminum split sleeves or ESD kit and conductive casters (page 135). Grounding Cables ensure a proper path to ground when used with ESD flooring.

Cat. No. ASKCR (screws onto wire snake frame)
Cat. No. ASK16S (spring-loaded clamp attachment)

* ESD Conductive Casters

When used in conjunction with aluminum split sleeves and a grounding cable, Metro's conductive casters ensure mobile units are properly grounded to ESD floor surfaces. New 5MESD series are non-carbon loaded and will not mark expensive ESD floors.

ESD Classification: Conductive

( Shelf 및 Cart류에 적용되는 Caster입니다.) 

( Foot Brake, Toe Brake 모델이 있으며 Swivel과 페어로 사용합니다. 이미지는Toe Brake타입임)

ESD Covers ( for Shelving Sys )

 ESD Cart Covers provide an effective method of controlling electrostatic
discharge while protecting cart contents from contamination and moisture.

  • Unique slip resistant texture.
  • ESD Cart Covers leave no black carbon residue and clean easily with mild

detergents and water and are flame retardant and resist the growth of bacteria,
fungus, and mildew.

  • All ESD Covers include a flap on one side, zipper closures, and a paperwork pouch

sized to accommodate 81/2"x11" (216x279mm) documents.

ESD Classification: Conductive outer surface and static dissipative inner surface.

(ESD용 와이어 쉘프 시스템을 위한 커버입니다. 분진 및 먼지,차광 등의 용도로 사용가능합니다.)

(높이는 1600mm으로 고정되어 있습니다. 용도에 따라 추가재단 후 사용가능합니다.)

Kitting Carts provide efficient handling of totes, PCB carriers, trays, or other
material handling containers.

  • Available in single, double, or triple bay confi gurations.
  • Available with 2-brake and 2-swivel casters in your choice of resilient rubber or polyurethane tread.

ESD Classification: Non-Conductive (Units can be made conductive by utilizing
GCB16S grounding bracket and ASK16S grounding cable found on page 137).

( 수납용 Tote를 이동보관 할 수 있습니다.)

(싱글, 조절식 싱글, 더블,트리플 등의 사이즈가 있으며 슬라이드는 3개포함되어 있습니다, Tote미포함)                                                                                                                                                                         

(다량의 Tote를 보관하실 경우 슬라이드를 추가가능합니다.)

(부품 변경 후 ESD타입으로 사용가능합니다.)

QESD Utility Carts
Feature removable soft conductive mats that are ideal for transporting electronics WIP. Carts come in
a compact footprint with undershelf Metro tote storage available as an option. Choose from available
sizes (below) or build your own cart by combining shelves, posts and casters.

ESD Classification: Conductive with the use of a grounding cable
(Cat. No. ASK16S or ASKCR) or conductive casters.

SMT Stencil Storage
Components "drop-into" 24"x42" (610x1067mm) footprint to form a partial or dedicated stencil storage
unit. Choose between a complete unit (Cat. No. QN546CSTL) or to build your own unit, choose number
of storage levels (below) and select posts (stationary or mobile)

  • Designed to accept stencil frames up to 11/2" (38mm) wide
  • Each storage level has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. (91kg)
  • Each storage level has a unit capacity of 19 stencil frames
  • ESD Classification: Conductive with the use of a grounding cable,
    (Cat. No. ASK16S or ASKCR) or conductive casters.
    Complete Two-Level, Stationary Unit (74" [1890mm] high)

    SMT Reel Storage
    Store and identify your valuable SMT Reel inventory with this flexible and versatile
    system. Each storage level offers capacity for either 2 rows of 7" (178mm) and 13"
    (330mm) size reels or 1 row of 15" (381mm) reels. Select complete cart shown below.
    To build your own unit, choose number of storage levels (below) and select posts
    (stationary or mobile)

    • 5 stainless steel dividers included per row
    • Dividers can be moved in 3/4" (19mm) increments
    • Each row has 351/2" (902mm) of usable reel storage space (capacity will vary depending upon width of reel)
    • Each storage level has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. (91kg). For mobile units total

    weight must not exceed three times load rating factor of casters selected.
    ESD Classification: Conductive with the use of a grounding cable
    (Cat. No. ASK16S or ASKCR) or conductive casters

    Benchside Cart
    Benchside Tote Cart allows workers to position bins, totes, cartons, boxes, or
    sub-assemblies at an angle conducive to repetitive pick-and-place operations. Each
    unit comes with a 45° slanted top shelf, standard Super Erecta Shelf at bottom, four
    casters (two with brakes), aluminum split sleeves, and a grounding cable.
    • Positions totes, boxes, or sub-assemblies at an angle conducive to efficient pickand-place operation
    • Accommodates miscellaneous totes, cartons, or other items
    • Uses minimal amount of available floor space
    • Offers easy mobility and holds cart stationary at desired location
    • Provides for dissipation of electrostatic charges
    ESD Classification: Conductive

    PCB Holder Inserts - PCB Grid Board
    Inserts integrate into standard Metro Tote Box divider slots to provide positive capture
    of PCBs by opposite sides. Slotted on both sides for use as an end or common center
    panel, these inserts are available in both Bentron conductive and Benstat static
    dissipative materials to fit a variety of Metro tote sizes.

    (Not Include Tote-Box)

    Horizontal Hold Carts - Heavy-Duty (CBL Style)
    High-density cart with 3/8" (8mm) deep slides for positive board capture provide
    48 levels for circuit boards and 11/16" (18mm) on center spacing for volume loading.
    Standard units include two end, and one center panel. CBL available in Tran-Stor
    model only as standard product. Height: 68" (1727mm).

    • Center panel (included) features slides on both sides.
    • Slides accept boards up to 221/2" (571mm) long and up to 1/2" (12.7mm) thick.

    ESD Classification: Conductive

    Horizontal Hold Carts - Standard-Duty (CBH Style)
    Safety and convenience are provided in this durable mobile unit.

    • Adjustable panels with horizontal slides feature 5/8" (13mm) spacing for high-density loading.
    • Ideal for transporting work-in process and storing large quantities of boards.
    • Open chrome-plated steel panels allow for airfl ow and conductivity, and have slides that accept boards up to 1/8" (3mm) thick.
    • Standard units include 2 end panels only. Optional center panel shown below.

    ESD Classification: Conductive

    PCB Hand-Held Carriers
    The safe, effi cient way to carry delicate printed circuit boards. System features
    adjustable panels with 5/8" (13mm) slide spacing that accommodate boards up to
    1/8" (9mm) thick. Hi-temperature phenolic knobs can be used in applications with up
    to 400°F [204°C] continuous temperatures.

    • Units carry up to 20 full-size boards; optional double-sided center panels increase capacity of carriers.
    • Three width sizes available to accommodate additional center panels.
    • Stackable design permits up to three carriers of the same size to be stacked vertically, saving fl oor space.
    • Units can be transported and stored on ESD Classification: Conductive.






    ESD 다용도 선반카트

    610x1066x    cm

    약 1.3KG

    MAX Q

    ESD 다용도 선반카트







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